Can You Swim With Sting Rays While On Your Period?


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Providing you take the sanitary precautions (such as using tampons), there is no reason why you should not be able to swim with stingrays during your period. If you are concerned about it, the best advice will be sought from the swimming instructor. Do not be embarrassed to ask, it is guaranteed that you will not be the first person with that question. There are always rumours about swimming on your period, but if you feel comfortable doing it and are hygienically prepared then there is nothing to stop you from doing so.

Stingrays are generally very mild animals and as long as you are sensible there is no reason why they should attack you. If it is your first time swimming with stingrays, it is advised that you go with someone professional who has done it before. Don’t swim or dive into deep waters and if you do see a stingray try not to swim on top of it. Startling a stingray will cause it to be frightened and attack as a form of self-defence.

Make sure that your movements are subtle and slow; do not move suddenly or erratically. Panicking and cause a commotion will draw a stingray closer, so try to remain calm and still in all circumstances. It is possible to touch a stingray while swimming with them. Stroke them gently with the flat of your hand. Do not be sudden or too forceful, let the stingray come to you, don’t chase it. If you do get stung by a stingray seek help immediately. Stings are rarely fatal and if you get them treated quickly and efficiently, they will not result in anything too horrific. There are ways to treat a stingray wound yourself if there is no doctor nearby, but as soon as you have taken the first precautions you should seek emergency help.

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