How Does A Male's Cocaine Use Affect A Foetus?


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Regular usage of cocaine can easily damage one's capability to become a father as it has a negative impact on the sperm constraints and limitations and the capability of sperm to go through the cervical mucus. Consumption of marijuana and tobacco can also affect sperm count as well as contribute to low motility. Drinking at a moderate degree cannot really damage your fertility level; while drinking heavily can alter the levels of hormones and lower sperm levels as well as the quality of sperm.

According to some, the usage of cocaine by the father does not really affect the developing foetus, although, it is said that high usage can affect the baby's development. In females, the consumption of cocaine can affect the foetus in a big way, including complications like a miscarriage.
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It can effect the foetus because its father is a drug user and that is NOT GOOD for the mother or the baby... In other words don't have a baby with a man (boy)(real men don't use drugs to make themselves feel bigger) because in the long run (from my experience) it doesnt get better. You can't change him or help him he has to do it himself and don't think for one second that having a baby is going to make him open his eyes! Hes on drugs he doesnt care about anyone else but himself... Please if anyone reads this think before you do anything..... If  it happened already do it for yourself do it because you want it.....

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