Is Colonoscopy Okay While Sick With A Cold ?


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Susan Bohl Profile
Susan Bohl answered
Having a colonoscopy will NOT worsen cold symptoms.  One has nothing to do with the other.  It sounds like her cold is just running it's course.  It may have even helped her a bit, because of all the fluids she had to take in before her procedure.  Just give her a few days, once her cold is gone, she'll probably forget about the whole thing!!
Alison Baillie Profile
Alison Baillie answered
Do you mean colonoscopy or colonic irrigation? Colonoscopy would have had no effect on her cold whatsoever. Colonic irrigation might have the effect of worsening a cold, but that is a good thing because it is toxins being released.
Dena Beech Profile
Dena Beech answered
No you didn't tell her wrong one has nothing to do with the other. As long as it is a colonoscopy that was done. She may just be moody because it isn't a fun test and she is sick. She may have picked up a cold from another patient that could have been sick at the Doctors office. Buy some flowers and make some soup for her :)

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