Was Yoko Ono A Heroin Addict?


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Yoko Ono did suffer from heroin addiction. Yoko Ono, along with husband John Lennon became addicted to heroin when they were in London and were arrested on charges of possession. For many years, the couple would suffer from heroin addiction from time to time, and the arrest significantly altered their future together. The consequences of the arrest greatly strained their relationship, as Lennon was threatened with near-certain deportation from the United States on charges of drug possession and Ono was also kept away from her daughter, who would have been forced to stay behind if she returned to England with Lennon. Ono has been the victim of jealous and heart broken Beatles fans from the time she married Lennon. Ono has often been blamed for Lennon's heroin addiction, as it is widely believed that she introduced him to the drug.

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