Was Peaches Geldof a drug addict?


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She was known to have taken drugs, in 2009 Peaches Geldof admitted it after there was footage released by a newspaper telling her drug dealer that she needed valium for a "comedown" from another drug...

But we don't know for sure if Peaches Geldof was a drug "addict".

A couple of years after that "drug scandal", Peaches divorced her first husband - married a much nicer guy called Thomas Cohen, and they had 2 kids together.

So even though the video clearly shows that she has taken drugs before, she had turned a corner, and she was a good mum.

HOWEVER the story does get more complicated because her mum died of a drug overdose, and she was losing A LOT of weight recently.... that's where people started coming up with theories about her death being drug related, like this one:

It is shocking and sad, but it could be true that she was a drug addict!

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