Will RH Factor Pregnancy Problem Come For O+ve And O - Ve Parents ?


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If mother's blood group is negative and of father is positive and the rh factor of baby is different to that of the mother then there is a possibility of erythroblastosis foetelysis, the chances of surviving of a baby are less.
Please it will better that you choose another girl to get married. If both have negative rh factor than there will be no problem. Even if father is negative and mother is positive then there is no problem.
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Complications can arise but as long as pregnancy is monitored throughout pregnancy, I don't think advising someone to choose another partner is the way to go. I have O negative blood and my husband is positive, we have had a healthy positive son and a negative daughter, who is now also pregnant with a positive husband. With the Anti D injection and blood tests done for antibodies at start of pregnancy and monitoring she will have a healthy baby.
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DO NOT LISTEN TO AATI_IN! You choose whomever you wish. There is an injection called Rhogam that takes care of any complications that might arise from the RH incompatibility. MOF, I have the RH factor & I have a 21yo child and an 11yo child; neither of these children suffered any ill effects from my having the RH factor. I received the injection during my second trimester and again after the birth of my first child. I didn't need any further injections for the second. Granted, both were high-risk pregnancies but not b/c of RH factors. I had placenta previa and given that my one of my parent's siblings was born with and died from spinal bifida and my tests for it came back unusual, I had to have further tests and a late-term high-level ultrasound (perfectly safe & allowed unquestionable view to tell the sex of the babies) all was well. Even with SB, there is now in-vitro surgery that can correct the problem to various degrees & it's improving all the time.
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It was help full. But I'm still confusing with the repeated abortion during Rh-ve .waiting your respond
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If the rh factor of mother and the baby is different then first baby can survive. After the delivery, the mother should get an injection which will protect the next baby if the blood group of both mother and next baby is different. If both have same blood groups, then no problem. As you and your girlfriend have different rh factors, so the chances are high for rh factor in babies.
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My Blood group is A-ve , I'm going to marry a girl whose blood group is O +ve. I don't know any thing RH factor.But I heard that RH +ve and -ve blood group parents will face a problem during pregnancy. Will the RH factor make a problem for us
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In my side there is a possibility.
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I think its good if the parents having  o+ ve gr. Then  the child must be the   o+ve .

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