What food eat for healthy teeth?


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Ashley Bennet , 5 years as a certified nutritionist at American Society for Nutrition, answered

There are some foods that should be consumed to help you get healthy teeth. Cheese, Yogurt, and Dark chocolate.

1. Cheese

Cheese is good because it has phosphate and calcium that boost the formation of saliva to help prevent against the creation of acid in your mouth.

2. Dark Chocolate

The tannins is the main component of chocolate to greatly reduce the formation of plague and manage the teeth erosion. Also, it improves the circulation of blood and relieves the soreness from the gums.

3. Yogurt

The reason why yogurt can become a good food for teeth is due to The useful bacterium names lactobacillus. Yogurt also gives you lots of protein and calcium that are needed for the oral health. You should add yogurt to your regular diet per day.

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