What Is Minimal Free Fluid In The Pelvis?


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Free fluid in the pelvis may be caused by cysts in that area that are resolving themselves. If a person is frightened or worried about a diagnosis of minimal free fluid in the pelvis, they need to get off of the World Wide Web and talk to a real, live doctor (a general physician). People who know that they have minimal free fluid in the pelvis may already have a doctor, but they may still have more questions about what the fluid is and whether or not it is harmful. In many cases, people who have these sorts of problems may worry about the threat of cancer in that area, and the possible connection between minimal free pelvic fluid and cancer symptoms and diagnosis. 

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If you or a person you know is concerned about possible minimal free fluid in the pelvis, you or another person should immediately make an appointment with a general physician. Tests will need to be run to detect the presence of such fluid, as well as any underlying causes for the issue. While free fluid may be present with some cancers, this situation is not a red flag that announces the presence of the disease.

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Also remember that many cancers (and other diseases, such as cysts or fibroids) nowadays are treatable, and that cancer is not always a fatal malady. Again, knowing whether or not someone is ill because of fluid in the pelvis requires a medical degree and years and years of experience dealing with patients.

Medical textbooks and reference materials found at a community library are better sources of information than Internet websites - as a rule. However, many respected hospitals, such as the Mayo Clinic, do offer websites with some accurate information about maladies and symptoms.

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