How Far Along Are You If Your Doctor Says You Are 24 Weeks And 2 Days Pregnant?


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Wow, looking at these answers here they are outrageous.  I am a medical assistant.  I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 12th pregnancy I have had 7 miscarriages 1 being ectopic.
A normal gestation for a pregnancy is between 37 and 40 weeks they consider full term.  Some pregnancies will go over 40 weeks.  If the baby is born before 37 weeks it is considered premature but after 37 weeks it is considered full term.  The longer the baby stays inside the better it is for the baby though. There have been babies born at 37 weeks that still needed more time in the womb that have to stay in the Nicfor a few days. 
Anyways, 24 weeks is considered to be about 6 months along.  They consider 4 1/2 weeks to be 1 month.  Just because there are usually 4 1/2 weeks in a month.  They go by the date of your first period to find out when you are due. 
But there is no way some one is pregnant for 48 weeks.  Nor is there 48 weeks in a year there is 56 weeks in a year in 12 months.  So I hope this helped a little.  Good luck and congrats.
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Most doctors are unable to give an exact date like that and round it up or down, so you would say 24 weeks. Simple.
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Wow!48 weeks ? Wouldn't that make you pregnant for 12 months?
I recently had my third kid so its still pretty fresh. They actually go by the first day of your last period for some reason. So basically if he says you're 24 weeks technically time of conception would be at 22 weeks, roughly 14 days after(when you ovulate) your last period. That's where you get confused about the whole 22 week 24 week thing. Just take it from 40 weeks. That would be full term. Depending on your doc and the hospital tho they would take you if you went from 36 weeks(9 months).
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You are about 4 and a half months along half way there a person is usually pregnant for 48 weeks or 9 months!!! Congrats and good luck!!!!!

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