How Long Does Dexamethasone Work?


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For most people, it shouldn't take any more than half an hour for this drug to kick in and start creating effects within your body. If you receive the drug from your doctor because of an allergic reaction, but you still appear to have no relief from the substance then the first thing you need to do is go back to your doctor. However, if you received the drug for congestion or a cough, then you must consider that the drug will only work partially.

The drug you have been given is known to be a potent and synthetic member of the glucocorticoid class of drugs. It is a steroid drug. The drug is used primarily as an anti-inflammatory, as well as an immunosuppressant substance. The substance is also between 20 and 30 times more potent than the naturally occurring hormone known as cortisol. Dexamethasone is also between four and five times more potent than prednisone.

Dexamethasone is used in a diagnostic context as well in particular, thanks to its ability to suppress the pituitary-adrenal axis. Any patients that are showing signs of glucocorticoid excess, or Cushing's syndrome, will usually be diagnosed through the use of a 24-hour urine collection that looks for cortisol, but sometimes through a dexamethasone suppression test. During the dexamethasone suppression test, the response of the body to a high dose of glucocorticoids will be monitored.

There are numerous different side effects that are associated with the drug, and one is an upset stomach. This is because of increased sensitivity in the body to stomach acid. Many people report an increase appetite as well, which can cause weight gain. Psychiatric disturbances can occur as well, if the substance is particularly strong and used quite a lot. Personality changes can occur, euphoria may occur, as well as mania and irritability.

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