Will Smoking Pot Marijuana Affect My Surgery?


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It can indeed and can be detrimental to your health. If you decide to smoke marijuana on a daily basis and go in for surgery, the doctors may not be able to perform due to the anaesthetic not working properly if the drug remains in the bloodstream.

It could be that marijuana is still in your system. The best advice is to avoid smoking it long enough to get it all out of your system before the surgery, typically this is around 30 days either side of the surgery.

This is caused by the by product in the weed that will affect the blood and the lungs, both used to help with this procedure.

There could be a number of serious, possibly life-threatening side effects that may occur when anaesthetics are given to people who use street drugs. Anyone who uses or takes marijuana or other street drugs should make sure their doctor or dentist knows what they have taken.

Other risks to taking marijuana before general anaesthesia may cause things like acute uvular oedema and post-operative airway obstruction. Furthermore during general anaesthesia, additive effects of marijuana and potent inhaled anaesthetics can result in pronounced myocardial depression and even septic shock.

Marijuana has also been shown to increase the activity of liver enzymes; anaesthesia is broken down by the liver, so you might not get the right dose which could result in being awake for the operation or waking up during the procedure.
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I smoke weed every day and I just had my gallbladder removed today, having smoked yesterday.... I told the doctors and they still did th surgery.. And I'm fine. Went home a couple hours after I got out of Operating room... And it went find... I'm just trying to figure out if I can smoke after my surgery
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I just had my gall bladder removal cancelled because I told the doctor I smoked pot.  He was going to put me under with a general and said I should quit smoking for a week before surgery.  The doc. Said I could die with complications due to my smoking habit.
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It can if it's your surgeon smoking it.
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Don't smoke the day before. That's the general consensus. Give yourself 24 hours weed free before surgery. Also, colonoscopys don't use general anesthesia they usually use Versed or some other sedative.
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I would not suggest it. Any kind of drug, even marijuana, can cause complications. It can effect your blood pressure while you are put to sleep. There should be no eating or drinking after midnight the night before surgery either, because it can cause you to vomit in surgery, which would cause fluid in your lungs, an infection, and complications. Although these things are rare, they do happen, and people do die, so my best advice....hold off, and smoke one when you make it though surgery : )
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Not a chance. Marijuana works through different brain pathways than anesthetics therefore will not interfere.
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Yeah marijuana is a bronchial dilator and is prescribed to amstma patients. Tobacco is a bronchial constrictor

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It will definitely affect the surgery. She should tell her doctor before the surgery or there could be serious complications. My Aunt is a doctor and she she didn't know her patient was a smoker (of cigarettes) and there was a problem with her capillarities.
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Sorry......I just don't agree. Cigarettes and pot are not the same and do not have the same affects on the body. Pot is known for it's anti-inflammatory properties and is used for several medical conditions. I would love to see some more answers on this. Anyone?

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