Do you smoke cigarettes and marijuana? I don't smoke, never have and never will.


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I quit smoking cigs about 20 years ago, don't smoke weed any more either.

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I smoked cigarettes on and off for years, and have the medical history to prove it. The once I tried to smoke a spliff I felt sick almost immediately. Even the smell turns my stomach now.

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I don't smoke cigarettes but I do have a Medical Marijuana card. I think it should be legalized and 2016 will be the year for it. When's the last time you read about a fatal car accident from someone smoking weed? I've never heard of one. Besides, it helps me to have an appetite.

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Jann Nikka
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Let me correct and make it clear Rooster has a legal medical card and uses it for medical use. I didn't mean to imply anything otherwise.
Rooster Cogburn
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Which States are Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis in 2016 ... › News › Headlines
Jann Nikka
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Rooster good newsletter. Lots of states. Thank you
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I don't do either anymore. I know too many people who smoke cigarettes. It is a nasty habit that kills.  I know others that smoke pot. Some recreationally, others for medical reasons. I would love to see it made legal especially for medical reasons.

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No way!!!

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I used to smoke cigarettes, but I quit many years ago cold turkey. I have a different view regarding marijuana use.....I think medically it's absolutely amazing, people with cancer, HIV, and any number of diseases benefit from marijuana use....from an appetite stimulant to pain relief to relief from seizures. Our medical system actually uses marijuana already in a gel cap form....legally! Bet ya didn't know that! Lol! Here's an amazing news story from CNN.

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I've never even put an unlit cigarette in my mouth. As for weed, it doesn't smell all that great. I stay away from it as well.

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I puff on cigars I haven't touched weed since 1991  I think they should legalize weed but I still won't smoke it. Its like prohibition the law has lost the war on many drugs legalize and tax it

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I had the best sibling ever . . . When I was six, they MADE me try cigarettes. Oh, and NO, they weren't doing it to make sure I would never try them again . . They were really trying to get me "hooked". It made me hack so bad and made me sick to my stomach. Never tried them again. Both my siblings smoke like chimneys even though our father died from lung cancer associated with smoking.

Lately I have been wanting to try marijuana just to see the "draw" . . . At age 50 I might just add to my bucket list.

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