If I Stopped Smoking Marijuana At 24 Weeks Pregnant, Will My Baby Test Positive At Birth?


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Let's hope not, but remember the brain is the first organ formed, but if you have been drinking lots of water to help flush your system out lets hope it works, be cause it can cause all types of problems, behavior etc...the best to you
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Actually studies have shown that when mothers who smoked pot througout pregnancy vs. Women that didnt.. The ones that smoked pot had children with better motor skills and were more attentive than the women that didnt smoke marijuana... These studies were done at month 1 and month 3 after childbirth.
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Jorr so you are encouraging mothers to smoke saying this will increase their chances of having a perfect baby, where are you from and if that is your belief, keep it to your self as someones parents could sue you for aiding and abetting their pregnant child to smoke illegal drugs while pregnant...........
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^It's the truth. It has been proven that marajuana will not harm the smoker or the baby, no matter what stage of development, and actually, most of the children who were exposed to marajuana smoke while in the womb have extremely good grades, many of them testing for gifted or even skipping a grade.

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