I'm Having Twins. What Is The Gender Of My Babies?


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Congrats on your twins.  Yes, not to be rude but we don't know, we are not psychics here, at least I am not.  I doubt even a psychic can even be that positive.  I would wait til you are around 20 weeks sometimes before they will do an ultra sound and you can usually find out then if your babies want to cooperate and open there legs.  There are some fun tools on the Internet and quizzes you can take that will give you an idea, but would only do that for fun, you will have to surf the net for them.  The Chinese ones have worked for me.  Yet not even an ultrasound is a 100 percent accurate.  There are test you can buy at the store, but I have heard those are not positive either, and you are having twins.  I would just enjoy being pregnant and go from there.  Also, some say you can tell by their heart rates.  A doctor don't swear by this, but this has been right for me and my friends.  If you know their heart rates.  I don't know if it is slower it is a girl if it is faster it is a boy.  The doctor can tell you the myth.  I might be backwards.  There are a few myths out there.  Good luck and congrats.
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Why would you ask a "stupid" question like that. Not to offend you, but I've seen atolt of "weird" questions, but none like this. We can't tell you what you are having. We are not God. Physicians can only tell you that, and actually, they arent 100% sure half the time.
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How on earth do you expect us to know?
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Like the rest of us how do you expect us to know?   All I can tell you is that if they are identical twins that they will both be of one gender
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I am 8 weeks today I'm having twins and they fraternal I know for identical twins you can't have a boy and a girl only the same sex.
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If you tell me I will tell you. I too am expecting identical twins I am 11 weeks along. When you figure out my sex's I will figure out yours.
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It's either two boys OR two girls OR a boy and a girl.     SERIOUSLY.   HOW could we possibly know that????        Is it possible to Flag this topic for being dumb?
I don't mean to be rude but it is.

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