What Does Light Pink Discharge Mean?


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Light pink discharge cannot be put down to one cause, and the best thing for you to do is consult your doctor if you are worried and this is abnormal for your body.

Possible Causes of Light Pink Discharge
This could be a sign that you are pregnant. This discharge can occur at the time of implantation, when the egg settles in on the womb lining.

However, it is also common before you start your period. Light pink discharge can occur because of anything from a change in diet to wearing underwear made of different material. Pink discharge is a perfectly normal part of most women’s lives.

Is the discharge heavy, or very light? If it is light it could simply be a scratch or nick that you didn’t realise you had. If it is heavier, it could be the start of your period, or spotting (bleeding between your periods).

Are you on the pill or any other form of contraception? Having a contraceptive implant or using the pill as a form of birth control can induce spotting at any time because these contraceptives disrupt your period cycle. With the implant especially, spotting can be very random and last for varying lengths of time.

If this is inconvenient to you, you can take the pill to regularise when you bleed. Again, though if you are in any way concerned or worried, head straight to your doctor for reassurance.

Because it is a sign that you could be pregnant, I can’t stress enough the importance of going to your doctor and getting yourself checked over, just to be on the safe side.
Could you be pregnant? This discharge could be due to implantation bleeding. This occurs when the fertilized egg burrows itself into the uterine wall, which may cause both cramping or bleeding (or both).

Not all women experience this, but the ones that do often mistake it as a late, or light abnormal period. Wait a week and take a pregnancy test.
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If you did not get your period, that means you are pregnant. It's normal to have that color of discharge - almost a peachy color!
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I had a pinkish peach discharge and I was not pregnant. I came back a couple of days after I had it and it had stopped. Afterwards, I got a yeast infection so it doesn't necessarily mean you are pregnant.

Yeesh! Everyone online is scaring me - I'm having discharge now and now I feel so afraid, I don't want a child yet I'm too young.
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This is certainly a question you should put to your regular physician. Be prepared to tell him if you have recently been on new medication, if it is painful, and most importantly, if there is an unpleasant odour. There is a difference between normal and unusual.
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I agree with above. I have had similar things happen; mine was either caused by "spotting" before a period, when I have used antibiotics, or when there were signs of an infection.

Have a check up with your doctor as a preventative measure, or to stop an infection if one is present. Make note of exactly what happens to you, so you can give an accurate description.
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Light pink spotting usually occurs at the start of periods. After this spotting, the normal period begins. Some ladies have light pink bleeding 7-10 days before expected date of periods. This bleeding occurs when an fertilized egg implants himself on the uterus. This bleeding is in the form of spots and lasts no more than one day.

Another possibility is ovulation bleeding that occurs at the middle of the cycle at the time of ovulation. Some ladies also have pain during this bleeding. This bleeding is also not common and not every lady can have it. So, in my opinion, these are two possibilities of light pink spotting in your case.
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Firstly, you should know that it is too early to take pregnancy test. Secondly, pink discharge for 2-3 days at any stage of the menstrual cycle does not indicate pregnancy. Only spotting one week before for just for one day might be implantation bleeding, and this indicates pregnancy. 

You cannot suspect pregnancy only with the pink discharge seven days before periods. Anyhow, you should wait for the due date of your period, and take a pregnancy test if you miss it.
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I think the pregnancy has nothing to do with that light pink discharge. You might have some kind of vaginal problem, or you might be at the start or finish of your period.
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That means your period is almost over. But not that forever type of thing, I mean it's taking a rest - if that makes any sense!

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