Why My Labia Minora Is Of Black Colour And I Have Brown Patches Under My Legs Including Labias. Am I Suffering Form Any Infection?


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If a woman has black labia and brown patches at the top of the legs it is most likely that this is caused by something called acanthosis nigricans. This is a hyper pigmentation of the skin, and is common in women under 40.

• Causes of acanthosis nigricans

The most common cause is a bad diet. If a woman is overweight the darker areas will appear on parts of the skin that are classed as folds - the labia and the tops of the legs included. The best course of action to try and lessen the darkness of these areas is to follow a strict diet, eating a balanced amount of the correct foods. Fruit and vegetables should be consumed daily, and plenty of water should be drunk.

Sugar-free foods should also be eaten and if the weight is kept down then the dark areas should eventually become lighter. Insulin resistance is also a common cause; with that condition the body increases the levels and the spillover occurs in the skin. Occasionally, the person in question could be suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, which can cause the skin to darken. This is most commonly a genetic syndrome, and can also cause irregular periods, and in some cases, infertility.

• Treatments for acanthosis nigricans

The most effective treatment is to follow a balanced diet, although in some cases this may not be enough, and laser treatment is available to lighten the skin. There is no guarantee that this will be everlasting however. Those who suffer from the skin condition should be screened for diabetes, and in some cases cancer.

It is important to visit a doctor as quickly as possible, as they will be able to determine the cause of the condition, and treat it accordingly. Any information given to a doctor is strictly confidential.
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The black color of labia minora is due to melanin deposit which is a pigment which give color to skin. It is deposited in high quantity on nipples of breast, clitoris and labias in females. The brown color patches can be due to contact allergy or fungus. It will be good to see a dermatologist for the prescription.
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