What Is The Labia Minora?


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Just below the mons veneris spread two hairless folds of connective tissue, the labia minora. Before menarche, these folds are fairly small; by childbearing age, they are firm and full; after menopause, they atrophy and again become much smaller. Normally the folds of the labia minora are pink; the internal surface is covered with mucous membrane and the external surface with skin. The area is abundant with sebaceous glands, so localized sebaceous cysts may occur here.
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It is the part of the vagina at the opening of vagina and called the Labia Minora. They are like the lips and in the form of two folds. They are present on the both side of the vulva. They are beneath the entrance of the vagina on the both side in the form of skin which is expanded out of the vagina entering. They are of the skin color of the person. If the person has black color the Labia Minora color will be black and if the person has white skin so most probably the Labia Minora color of that person skin will be white. It is very sensitive part of the body of the female.

They are just like to doors to an opening of the vagina and can be stretched by hands. Women are very conscious about their Labia Minora and some women feel embracing if the Labia Minora is very large in front of their sex partners. It is divided into two parts on either side of the vagina. These labia Minora sometimes get infected due to many reasons and it has to be operated by the doctor. The can be painful when injured or infection.

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