If I Am Already Having Contractions, Just Not Consistent, Would Taking A Little Bit Of Castor Oil Help Maybe Set In Labor To Where They Wouldn't Stop It?


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I myself did not do this but my mother did and within 24 hours she had my sister her doctor was the one who told her to try this become my sister was a large baby 9 pounds 4 ozs
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Nothing and I mean NOTHING worked for me. I finally had to be induced when I was 2 1/2 weeks overdue. And even then it took over 2 days. 10 pounds 6 ounces. He was one big baby.
They won't usually induce until you are at least 39 weeks. With my last baby they were going to induce on my due date if I hadn't gone into labor. We had already scheduled it at the hospital since my prior two had to be induced. But I went into labor a week before. They had been worried that she was going to be 11 pounds. She was "only" 8 pounds 15 ounces. Which seemed so tiny after the monster boy!
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My sister in law did this, no worker. It sounds like braxton hix contractions. Where her body is getting ready to go into labor, this is kind of like practice for the mom and and baby. Hope this helps. Good luck to you.
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No it won't work and also there are some babies who at 38 weeks still their lungs are not mature and will be at risk for needing oxygen.

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