My Tooth Is Just Hanging On To My Gum How Do I Get It Out?


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My tooth has been hanging lately and I made a bet with a friend to get my tooth out so I suggest wiggle or sit down and at hard foods apple carrot pear and hard foods. Only wiggle 4 25min.

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Is this a baby tooth or an adult tooth?

For an adult tooth, I would make sure you get to a dentist.  If your teeth are just falling out, out of the blue, it may be due to periodontal disease (a gum disease that can eventually lead to tooth loss.)
This disease does not just effect your teeth, it effects your body in many being heart disease.  You may have an infection in there that needs to be treated.  Please done take this lightly.

If its a baby tooth then keep wiggling it and it will come out. Try eating an apple.

Hope this helped
Good luck! =)
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If its a baby tooth keep wobbling it and pull (I know it hurts!) But if you keep wobbling it it will get loser and loser and eventually come off.

I hope it comes and soon!!
Good Luck!

My tooth was wobbly yesterday and it was hanging of its gum, It was really annoying and I couldn't go to sleep because I was scared It was going to swallow it!! But I got it out like in 10 minutes!!
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The best way is to do it fast and quickly.Sit on a chair, and relax your self, then grab the tooth, and think of something you love a lot!Then PULL! Then thr you go! It's out!

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