I Have An Irregular Period Only 2-3 Times A Year Can Someone Offer Some Advice?


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The condition which you are having is called oligomenorrhea. One of the major reason of this condition is polycystic ovarian disease. It require ultrasound and some blood tests to diagnose. So, it is necessary to visit a doctor because there is no compromise for health. Whether you have insurance or not you have to visit a doctor if you need treatment.
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I'm 23 yrs and I started my menstrual cycle when I was about 13 yrs old. In the beginning I did have regular periods, but I don't know what happened I suddenly stopped having regular periods. I started having cycles like 2 or 3 times a year sometimes once and sometimes I had heavy cycles sometimes I didnt. But it always came like different days it wasnt the same all the time. My boyfriend and I don't use protection and I don't get pregnant. What is that I can do to get pregnant and start having regular periods again?
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Go to your doctor

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