I need period advice. Girls Only Please?


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When you first start your period, you will notice some brown discharge in your underwear. And then you will notice a red tint after going to the bathroom. When you first start, it will be light. Very light. For my first two periods I just used pantiliners. It will eventually heavy up, but your body is adjusting to the cycle. Once you get your first one, you can get it again really soon or in a few months. I got my second one two weeks after my first. It will be irregular for a while, even up to two years. Now about tampons and pads, I wouldn't start wearing tampons until 6 months to a year after your first period. Pads are color-coordinated to which flow you have. Pink is light, orange is average, and green is heavy. And as for tampons, if you are first starting only wear them if you absolutely have to (going swimming, etc.). I would get tampax pearl (that's what I've got) and make sure they are purple. They are smaller and plastic, so easier to get in. It takes A LOT of practice getting a tampon. But the key is to relax while putting one in. If you are tense or nervous, the muscles down there will tense up too, making insertion uncomfortable. And make sure you put it at a backward angle, about 45 degrees. And make sure you get the tampon in far enough. If you don't, it will hurt like crazy and hurt crazier to get out. When you first start wearing tampons, you can feel them, but only because you're not used to it. If it is uncomfortable at all, it isn't in all the way. Check out beinggirl.com for more info
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If you are first starting your period you should see something that looks like poop stains on your panties but its not, its the first starting of your period. It looks like that at first then you will start bleeding and when you bleed it doesn't hurt, it just comes out without you knowing. If you want you can start out with pads but pads you notice more than tampons. YOu can't even feel tampons. Just sent me a comment if you need more info.

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