Vaginal Odor, Are There Any Natural Cures?


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Is it noticeable to you? Different? Stronger than before? Eat yogurt and take B-complex vitamins, those are good for vaginal pH. But if everything is normal to you, is it possible your boyfriend is just being mean?
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Hi dear,I had this problem for the past 5 years and my boyfriend always complained about it.The solution is simple, wash yourself thoroughly each time you go to the bathroom. Then wipe yourself neat dry. Use only water but if the smell continues, try the Nivea Toilette Inti me ( Fleur D'elle) , it works wonders. It is PH neutral.Hope this helps...
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You might have an infection but you would most likely notice that. Just because you shower daily and wipe after urination does not mean that your body is squeaky clean. We only clean what we can see which is the outer layer of our body but never the inner. Being a female we have to take care of our bodies a little bit more. We have periods which do nothing but leave an odor half the time no matter what type of product we use (tampons and pads, etc;) I would suggest going to your local drugstore and look for a vaginal cleanser which is nothing more but water and vinegar mixed together. It cleans the vagina out and helps stop unwanted odors. Make sure not to use it so often it can interfere with the vagina's natural cleansing state and can cause yeast infections something that you really don't want. I suggest using it once every three months. Also you can buy them online if you don't feel comfortable seeing what it is you are getting for your personal care.
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Often when a woman
notices that she has a vaginal odor one of the first things she will do
is cleanse thoroughly. While this may alleviate the smell for a short
period of time improper cleansing will have her back at square one
before the day is over. Instead of using the traditional scented soap
try switching to an antibacterial soap. According to the Mayo Clinic,
when women sweat, the smell that results is caused by the bacteria on
the skin reacting to the sweat and not the sweat itself. Therefore,
managing the bacteria levels of the groin region will cure many vaginal
odors. So I suggest you a very helpful ebook shows you some unique and rare tips on how to eliminate Vaginal Odor

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There are times when you need the attention of a doctor. When you shower or urinate, make sure you absolutely as dry in that area as possible, perhaps even a light dusting of powder that does not coat the mucus membrane part. Bacteria love moist dark places and that place is bingo!  Carry wet wipes to cleanse yourself after elimination and take notice of the way you wipe afterwards. First you should  not wipe that area, but blot. Wiping does not effectively dry the area without spreading the elimination. Another thing to check is to see if you already have a yeast infection. This is very common and can be cured easily. I always keep a bit of the over the counter medicine handy. Make sure you are correct in cleansing. From the front to the back after all eliminations. Sadly others can often pick up on our odor before we know it is there. Showering twice a day is more than most people do, and if you try and remember these things and they do not take care of the problem, see your GYN. One last suggestion. Bathtubs are the worse type of cleansing for women, and I know you can understand why I say this. This is especially true if there are males in the house who uses the same tub. Make sure the tub not only looks clean, but is really free from a build up of bacteria by pre washing. Males seem to have horrible smelling feet and that is caused by bacteria.  I would rather take showers. At times you find the need to soak in the tub, but it is followed with a shower. Tub bathing is bathing in your own dirt.
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Hi dear,
I had this problem for the past 5 years and my boyfriend always complained about it.
The solution is simple, wash yourself thoroughly each time you go to the bathroom. Then wipe yourself neat dry. Use only water but if the smell continues, try the Nivea Toilette Inti me ( Fleur D'elle) , it works wonders. It is PH neutral.

Hope this helps...
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See a Dr. You might have an infection
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As far as I am concerned, most women will suffer from vaginal odor that is connected with bad odor in their reproductive organ for at least one or twice in their life time. Removing vaginal odor can be taken at home by using some useful home remedies. You can take a closer look at some of them written below:

1. Garlic

You can be surprised to know garlic is the most effective home treatments for vaginal odor thanks to its natural antibiotic agent you can find in your kitchen to deal with bacterial growth. You can eat raw garlic per day as your stomach is empty, followed by a glass of warm water.

2. Pineapple

Pineapple is another useful treatment for vaginal odor due to its super effects to maintain the balance of bacteria in women’s urinary tract. You can eat it or drink its fresh juice for several times daily to remove the vaginal odor.

3. White Vinegar

Using while vinegar to wash your area affected by vaginal odor a few times per week is also highly recommended.

To get the best result, you can follow some of the following steps:

  • Take half a cup of white vinegar and salt.
  • Add them in warm bath water.
  • Soak your body in the mixture for a few minutes.
You can go to Natural Remedies for Vaginal Odor for further effective helps.

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Your vagina will only smell bad if there is something wrong, a 'fishy' smell suggests either an imbalance in bacteria, or a bacterial infection. You need to go to your doctor, if you don't know what it is then there is not only no point in trying to treat it yourself but it's also potentially harmful, also if it is a bacterial infection then you would require antibiotics.

One of the most common causes I see is how a woman cleans, as your vagina is self-cleaning all you need to do to stay clean is wash with water, using your hands to wipe away any dirt from your vulva. If you're using soaps to wash with then this will effect normal vaginal pH, your vagina cannot adjust to the change fast enough so it causes imbalance in the bacteria within your vagina. Thus a sudden smell after washing, this can also occur after sex as semen is a different pH to the vagina so some partners semen can have this effect, or if the imbalance is not righted then an infection can take hold, also causing smell. This is also true of so-called 'feminine' products that play on women's insecurities about vaginal scent and attempt to suggest vagina's should smell like flower, just like anything else chemical these products aren't good for vaginal health. Keep yourself dry, wearing plain cotton underwear and avoiding synthetic or tight-fitting clothing can help keep your groin cool and dry. Avoid commercial pads as these can make your groin warm and moist, they also contain chemicals that interfere with vaginal pH, instead try organic or cloth pads, tampons should also be avoided at all costs as they are harmful to vaginal health, instead try softcups or menstrual cups - even if it is a regular problem throughout your cycle what you use during your period can effect the vaginal environment enough so that the slightest thing can push it over the edge. I suggest  you Natural home remedies through this you get more results about herbal remedies .

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If there is an odor you could have a bacterial infection, and you and him will have to be treated to get rid of it and to keep from spreading it back and forth between the two of you.
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Go to the doctors and have them remove the piece of tampon stuck way up inside before it becomes a class 5 displasia.
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thanks for the info but I do not use the things. Had hysterectomy several years ago so no need for any of that.
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The best and most simple solution to get rid of Vaginal Odor is to clean it very thoroughly with water after every bathroom call.Also you can try many creams which have good smells to cater the bad smell from your vagina.

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