What causes vaginal odor?


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A lack of it getting air can cause its moisture to sour, yeast infections, sex sometimes, fragrance in body washes, a lot of things can cause it we would need more info to get an answer, seek a Dr if it really has you concerned.

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Vaginal Odor can be caused by several things. It will vary throughout the time of your period and will also change directly after sex.

Be aware that some vaginal deodorants may increase the problem as they can cause irritation amongst other symptoms.

Bacterial vaginosis is a naturally occurring bacteria which is the most common cause of vaginal odor. 

Many women believe that vaginal odor is the result of some sort of disease. However, most yeast infections, or sexually transmitted infections don't cause an odor, with the exception being Trichomoniasis.

Other reasons for vaginal odor may be poor hygiene or a forgotten tampon...

Very rarely, a condition can develop called Rectovaginal Fistula which is when there is a small opening between the vagina and rectum through which feces can pass.

There are a couple of more serious reasons, but it really is more likely to be one of the above.
If you're keeping to a regular hygiene routine and this odor still remains a problem, I would suggest making an appointment to see your doctor or a nurse just to be sure. They may be able to give you something or make a suggestion, to make you feel more comfortable.

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