Would You Not Want A Period?


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From a personal perspective, I don't want periods sometimes, because you just feel dirty sometimes and the first time I had one (12) I felt the worst because I just kept saying I want to be a kid again. I kept trying to take showers, but I still felt dirty, but now I think of it as I "get" to have a period, and since I get to do that, someday I will be able to have a child of my own.
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I just had a hysterectomy, so no more periods for me. Don't hate me for this comment, please. I'm 50 years old and it's about time to stop having periods. I never liked being on my period, but I wouldn't trade it because of the three wonderful children I am blessed with.
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Personally, I would never want to have a period. But that's just me.

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I hate periods i wish you could get pregnant without them!!  and i feel dirty as well and i hate being around boys when I'm on!! But because it will never happen(getting pregnant without it) i wouldn't trade it !!
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Yeah it can be a very liberating not having any more periods but I've not had any proper ones for years due to my weight and the pill and it can be bloody worrying. Sometimes I actually miss them lol
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Umm.. Well, to put it bluntly, when you leak its horrible and when you want to see friends and stuff i get worried i will leak through (it's happened before) but what you get out of it is worth the pain and inconvienience we go through every month. However, sometimes, im very light so its not that bad- wish it was like that every month!
Hope i helped :)
much love

katie x
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For the first two days of mine, I used to get cramps, lower back pain, thigh pain, and headaches so bad I vomit. I ended up missing work and would just lay in absolute agony.

Now I have a hormonal IUD that makes me skip my periods altogether and I ADORE it. If I never have my period again it'll be too soon. It's not like I'm having kids anyways.

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If I could choose, yes. Periods are terrible. I don't really think guys understand, but I don't want to be stereotypical. There is blood coming out of you for like 5 days, (maybe more, maybe less) and you're hungry and cranky! But, the period does have it's importance, and I wouldn't want to give up bearing children. If there was a way to have children without periods naturally, I'd do it! Of course you don't have periods when you're pregnant...If there was surgery available to stop periods but not stop fertility, I don't think I would take it up. I don't like the idea of somebody tampering with my body...

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Well at personal times it you know what i mean lol i wish it never existed.But to be truthful it have its purpose and that should be respected.
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Why would we hate a period, dear?  A period is very important, and Without it we could not very well make sense of we read or write.
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What does reading and writing and making sense have to do with a period?
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My friend winter has shown me I misunderstood the meaning on this question. I am sorry

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