Video How To Put A Pad In Periods?


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When starting your first period, it can be a very confusing and scary time for many teenage girls. Although it does seem terrifying, it is important to remember it is the most natural thing in the world and shows your body is functioning in a healthy way.

While it may be natural, some girls may feel a little embarrassed asking for help when it comes to putting on a pad for their period. Some girls may feel awkward discussing something so personal and intimate while others just cannot bring themselves to ask their mom for help for instance.

If you do feel like you cannot talk to anyone about the best pads to buy or indeed how to put them on, have a look at these videos:

A lot of the major brands of sanitary pads and towels may provide instructions of how to use them on their packaging. There may even be more information available on their websites.

Once you have a look at one or two of the videos above though, you will see that it is pretty easy to do. Even if you do not get it right first time round, you will have many more months of practise in the years to come.
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Sorry we can't show pictures of that nature on this site.
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This question doesnt make sense

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