Why Do I Have A Lump On My Testicle?


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On the testicle, or inside the testicular sac?

This can be a very serious issue. Primary concern with such lumps is cancer, but do not panic, it could easily be otherwise.

If you have found a lump inside the testicular sac and...

a. Only mildly uncomfortable... It could be epididymitis. This is an infection of the epididymis, which is the tube attaching the testical to the vans deferens. This is usually treated with 14 days of Cipro taken orally. An E.R. Visit is not probably needed, but you should see a doctor asap.

b. It is painful... it is not likely cancerous. If the pain is severe, it could be that it is "tortioned" (I believe that is the right word), meaning that a testical has become twisted and it is cutting off blood to the testical. If it is painful, get to an E.R. NOW!!! You may have only a few hours at most or they will have to remove the testical.

c. Non-painful... This could be cancerous. See a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

There are a few other possiblities of the cause, but those are the most likely.
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Worst case scenario it is cancer and it must be removed,usually its nothing at all but if it is, you only need one ball anyways
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I think you have to see a doctor
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Question is lacking some important informations. This lump can be due to some infection. It can be bacterial or viral. If this is without pain and itching which you have not mentioned, then its etiology and treatment is different than infection.
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It could mean you better get it checked out, could be the big C, or could be nothing at all, but why spend time worrying about it when it's easy to find out???
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Until proven otherwise, any lump on a testicle is considered cancer. See a doctor as soon as possible.
Good luck.

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