Will Alcohol Show Up On A Urine Test?


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It depends upon the test used, but generally, urine tests will detect alcohol in your system ingested within the past day or so (longer if you are a regular or heavy drinker).  With some special testing methods, such as EtG urine alcohol tests, it detects and can measure alcohol in the system up to 80
hours.  Obviously the presence of alcohol in the urine does not mean you were intoxicated at the time of testing, but only that you have recently ingested alcohol.  It is likely the urine test will detect the presence of alcohol in your case.  Sorry, and good luck.
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I don't think so but I guess it can effect your urine COLOUR
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Depends on the type of test used... On an EtG test it can show for 3-5 days, and on other tests 10-12 hours.  en.wikipedia.org

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