Can I Pass A Urine Test For Alcohol If I Drank 3 Days Ago?


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Krystal DeLaRosa Profile
Yes. Alcohol passes through the system very quickly..usually within 10-12 hours. Depending on the amount consumed the longest it stays in your system is 24 hours. 3 will be fine.
Arthur Craig Profile
Arthur Craig answered
Alcohol shows up in your blood not you urine.... It depends on how much you consumed and how fast your liver can metabolize the alcohol on whether or not you pass your "Breathalyzer Test." Hope this helps answer your question.
Deemarcas Day Profile
Deemarcas Day answered
The alcohol will be out of your urine in 3 days.  It may still be in your liver, which would require a blood test, but it would only show high liver enzymes and it would not necessarily be due to alcohol.
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Alanis Bridges answered
Nope. Sorry but Nope.
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Anonymous answered
In an answer to Arthurjr----alcohol definitely shows up in urine. We test for alcohol in urine all day long.

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