What Can Be Done Or Taken To Flush Fallopian Tupe, For Easy Conceive?


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Dear Ble_nsu, tubal flushing is a procedure to diagnose tubal patency. This procedure is done to know any blockage in the fallopian tubes because fallopian tubes are place where fertilization takes place. Egg and sperms can not travel if fallopian tubes are  blocked. In this procedure a water base or oil base contrast media or dye is injected in the fallopian tube and x-ray films are taken to find out any blockage. If blockage is diagnosed then can be oppened by laparoscopic surgery. So, if you don't have any blockage in fallopian tubes then flushing will not help you in conception. Studies are still being done on hypothesis that this flushing might increase chances of conception but still not proved.
So, you can have this procedure if tubal blockage is suspected.
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Thanks alot.

Water base or oil base, will be orally taken or only doctor can handle this?

Is there nothing one can be taken from time to time to time to keep fallopian tube clean and body fit.

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Water base or oil base dyes are injected in to the fallopian tubes by the doctor before procedure.
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I had this procedure done after trying to conceive for 2 & 1/2 years. One (1) menstrual cycle later, I became pregnant. It worked for me.

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