Can I Get Pregnant After My Fallopian Tubes Have Been Cut?


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Once you have your fallopian tubes cut there is still a very small chance that you will become pregnant. Tubal ligation is considered a "permanent” form of birth control even though pregnancy may occur. This means if you want to get pregnant in the future it will probably not be possible. Only choose tubal ligation if you no longer wish to have children or do not want any children. You should be certain of your decision.

Each year, about 5 in 1,000 women become pregnant after tubal ligation. This can only happen in certain special circumstances. It is possible (but rare) for the fallopian rubes to grow back together. This is known as recanalization. Once the tubes have fused back together, the sperm will be able to fertilize the eggs. Pregnancy may also occur if the surgery was not done correctly.

If you are worried about getting pregnant, you might ask you partner to also consider a permanent form of birth control. If your partner agrees to have a vasectomy, then you will probably not have to worry about an unwanted pregnancy. This may seem extreme, but if the idea of pregnancy causes you anxiety, you may want to think about this option.

There are now many birth control options that last for years, but are not as dangerous or final as tubal ligation. Tubal ligation is a surgical procedure. Any surgery represents a possible risk to your health, so consider all your birth control options carefully. If you aren’t sure what option is best for you, ask your doctor to help you understand the risk and benefits of each birth control method.

If you are certain you don’t want to get pregnant because of health problems, hereditary conditions, or you are simply done having children, then tubal ligation might be right for you.
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Well, My mom had her tubes cut tied and burned 25 years ago. She got pregnant with me 10 months after she had all that done.
It took 5 doctors to go in and figure out how it happend and to this day, there is no medical fact that could explain my existance.

So, If that baby is meant to be, then its going to happen.
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Pregnancy during tube ligation is very rare. It is possible when tube ligation become loose and sperm escape to fertilize egg. But this is usually a ectopic pregnancy. Sometimes, fertilized egg can also escape from the tide tubes and implant in uterus for growth. But this is very rare.
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My doctor told me that I could still get pregnant and I had have my tubes clipped for a little over a year now. I had a tubal pregnancy last December. So there is a slight chance.
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Don't take this answer incorrectly,but if all that was done to your tubes and you turn up pregnant not only are you going to have addition to the family you are on your way into some money,so if you are you will have enough to support the newborn and the ones before this one and yourself,you sure have a suit.....good luck
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Tube ligation is one of the successful methods of birth control. If the tubes are burned or cut then pregnancy is not possible. But if the tubes are tide then there is possibility of pregnancy up to 0.1% and these chances increase as the time passes because tied tubes become loose. Now some surgeries are being performed for burned tubes to return fertility but success rate of these surgeries is not high and these are expensive too.

So, it is not possible to get pregnant for lost tubes because fertilization of egg takes place in these tubes. If these tubes are partially burned or cut then there are some chances after surgery. You can also discus this with your doctor.
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I had my tubes cut and thats it and its been 3 months since I have had a period and I look very much pregnant
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Its almost going to be 2months and I havent gotten my period I had my tubes tied  4years ago. But I noticed I an discharging clear stuff every time I pee and clean myself. Can I be pregnant?
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I am in the same situation with my new husband.  We would love more than anything to have a baby. However, I have had my tubes tied after my fourth child.  We went to our docter and the process is strange and timely.  It is going to coast us about 9,000 bucks for the reversal.  I have to take my temperature every morning before I get up - the first thing I do. Docters orders -- we place the temp. On a chart and some how this tells when I am fertile.  My husband, bless it, has to go into a sperm lab and give a donation - just to see if it would be a waist of time for us to even try the procedures.  So, good luck either way it goes.  A word of advice though -- I was told that if you concieved while your tubes are tied the chances of having a tubal pregnancy are high.  There is no way to save the fertilized egg if this has happened.  MAy you get what you want, baby or not.
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I had mine cut, tied and cauterized years ago, was in a new relationship and he wanted another baby.  I was emotionally confused, yet feeling paternal.  Sometimes we simply do not get a choice in feelings like this and they are a little on the unfair side, sometimes causing disappointment.  I also agree it is not impossible to get pregnant after tubes are cut and tied, however it is highly unlikely.  I went through this myself, had same symptoms.... I'm very sorry if this brings disappointment to you.  Good luck hum.
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Having your fallopian tubes clipped gives you a 99.9999 percent chance that you won't get pregnant. There is always that 1 percent chance that it will happen but not likley.
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If they actually cut them then the likelihood is next to none but usually they tie them so that it is possible to reverse the action and if this be the case, then there is a slightly better chance that you could become pregnant. In either case, the likelihood is below 1% though.
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It is possible, but rare. Even if you could show deceit on her part, it wouldn't matter. A child is a child. I'm not sure how a grandparent can demand back support. You may consider speaking to family court.
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It has been heard of. Even if your tubes are cut burned and tied, it is still wise to use protection. Better to be safe than sorry.

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