Can You Get High By Snorting Chlorpromazine?


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Can Chlorpromazine get you high, when you snort it?

No, it won't get you "high" - and snorting this medication is certainly not advised.

When snorting or injecting the contents of a tablet, there are always risks involved.

  • Dosage: It's always difficult to know how much of the active agent of the drug you are taking, once a tablet is ground down to be snorted or injected. Obviously, this increases the risk of an overdose, and therefore could cause you very serious health complications.
  • Fillers: Usually tablets contain what are known as "fillers", which are designed to help the breakdown of the tablet when it is administered orally. When tablets are snorted or injected, these fillers can quite easily cause blockages within the bloodstream and the lungs. This will lead to very serious medical issues.
Chlorpromazine is prescribed to patients who are suffering from psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia or manic-depression. This medication works by changing the actions and balance of chemicals within the brain.

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