Can Soma Get You High?


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Soma is one of those legal (for now) highs that ex-ravers and hippies are often seen taking.

The product can get you high, but comes with certain health risks I'd recommend you take into consideration.

Can Soma get you high?
There are so many legal highs out there these days that it's hard to remember which ones work and which ones are only useful for decorating the shelves of 'head shops'.

Soma is one of those legal highs that, according to a group of my students, does work - but not very well (if that makes sense!).

When I asked for clarification, I was told that the effects of smoking soma were similar to that of drinking a small glass of wine, i.e. You'd need to smoke at least 3 'joints' to feel the effects.

'Well, that sounds great man' you may be thinking... But once you find out what's inside Soma, you might be a little more reluctant to smoke three spliffs of the stuff.

What is Soma anyway?
Soma is actually just a blend of various different herbs, and as such, doesn't sound too harmful.
However, a little research shows that one of the main hallucinogenic ingredients of Soma is 'Fly Agaric' a substance that is commonly used as insecticide!

Needless to say, smoking two or three joints of the stuff isn't very good for your health.
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Yes, it can get you high, but it can also put you in respiratory arrest, or in other words kill you.

It is a very potent muscle-relaxer, and your diaphragm (which is the large muscle under your lungs that makes you take breaths) can get so relaxed that you stop breathing.

I've seen many people go into respiratory arrest and die from this drug.
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Yes, Soma is a muscle relaxant that can cause you to get drowsy.

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