What Are The Do's And Don'ts For Fainting?


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There are no does and don'ts for is a involuntary action
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Hmm... How 'bout these:
DO: Faint in the arms of a man you find very attractive.
DON'T: Faint in one of the bedrooms of a major frat party, you may wake up sticky.
DO: Faint in the hospital while visiting a friend (they'll know how to treat you).
DON'T: Faint on the top 4 steps of a 3 story flight of stairs, you may not wake at all.
DO: Faint as you are inspecting a new mattress at a local bed store (soft landing).
DON'T: Faint while leaning over the handrail of a high bridge to see how far down it is. (you may find out how far it really is)
Do: Faint while sitting in a comfortable chair (no-brainer, that).
DON'T: Faint while trying to sneak through a pack of killer guard dogs... (0_0)

That should give you some good idea of some do's and don'ts of fainting.
Hope it helps and you don't faint in the wrong place, at the wrong time... (^_^)

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