What Causes Swollen Polycystic Ovaries?


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Many follicles in ovary of a ladies start to grow in response to specific hormone in every cycle. Out of these growing follicles, one reaches to maximum size and burst releasing egg. Sometimes, this mature follicle does not rupture and become cyst and deposited on the sides of ovary. This continues for few cycles and when more than 10 cysts are deposited then condition is called polycystic ovarian disease. Exact cause of this condition is not know but it is said that androgens produced from the adrenal cortex of pituitary gland are responsible. These androgens cause hormonal imbalance, so luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone ratio become disturbed cause ovarian cyst development.
There are no treatments available for PCOD. But managements with laparoscopic diathermy and use of birth control pills for several months can reduce the number of cyst and pregnancy can be resulted.

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