My Hands Are Swollen And My Fingers Too, Also One Hand Is Black And Blue, I Did Not Hit My Hand On Anything, What Is This?


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Sounds like a severe case of lack of blood circulation to your upper extrimities. You need to get help ASAP. For now you need to lay down and elevate your arms above your heart and put some cold packs to bring down the swelling in your hands but get you some help soon. Do you have trouble with High blood pressure? See your Dr. Soon but don't wait for an appointment. Ask them if they can work you in.
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I woke up with my right fingers swollen, the next morning the whole hand was swollen and hurt. Am just 22yrs what would be the cause
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I would seek medical attention NOW... I don't have any of your med history or age, but this isn't good. If you called your PC he would tell you to go to the ED.

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