What Is The Highest Dose Of Suboxone That Has Been Prescribed?


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I was prescribed 3 8mg a day and thought I was fine for 2 years.  Realized through others that it was affecting me negatively and once started tapering and having no withdrawl symptoms I really did not need that much. Do take the prescribed amount for a  full month.  YOu will feel so free from the demon. Then taper by quarters (2mg) a full month at a time.  Once you get to only 1/2 4mg per day take 2mg for a month or two then only a quarter (2mg) a month or two and then stop.  I did so and am no longer having any issues and have not relapsed with anything.  I did experience what was I think restless leg syndrome at night only and lasted for about 2 months.  Ambien worked great for that. I was addicted for many years to lortab. (20 pills a day at least).  I was able to get clean at home fully functional at home.  I wanted to be off suboxone and really feel like it was easy.  The less sub the better you will feel.  Slow Slow during tapering take your time and gain the confidence and organization you need to support a healthy lifestyle and then stop.  Hope this helps. 

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