Is It Ok To Take 3 Tylenol Pms And 1 Mg Of Melatonin?


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No, you need to ready on the tylenol box how mg of the sleep aid are in each tablet. If a does is 2 pills it will have either 25mg of sleep aid in each pill. If the box reads I pill is s dose and the mg is 50 then that would be 150 mg of the sleep aid and whatever of the Tylenol. That is too much!!!    Try one tylenol and in about 30 min see if you are sleepy. The main thing is checking the mg for each pill, depending on your size what should work for you. A regular dose is 25 to 50 mg, taking 3 and the melatonin can labor your breathing and will make you feel kinda out of it the next day.

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