How Do We Get Pregnant , Only When Sperm Enters Or Is There Other Reason?


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The sperm must enter through the vagina and makes its way through your fallopian tubes reaching its way to the egg.  From there it takes I believe 48 hours for the sperm to enter into the egg.  Then about 3-4 weeks before you will tell on a pt.
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Ok. Pregnancy occurs when a male reproductive cell (sperm) is introduced to the reproductive organs of a female (the vagina and uterus - with attached fallopian tubes), and it manages to come in contact with a female reproductive cell (an ovum, or egg), and penetrates the outer membrane of that cell, AND that cell successfully clings to (hopefully) the wall of the female's uterus.

However, I think there is a more direct question you are asking... And that is 'Does a man have to have an orgasm (come) inside a woman for her to get pregnant?' and that's something completely different. The thing you have to realize is that men don't just eject sperm during ejaculation, but during intercourse (or any time he is sufficiently stimulated) men naturally secrete lubrication (usually called 'pre-come') just like women do, except that in men's case, we also secrete sperm cells in this lubrication. This, combined with the fact that sperm are capable of self-propulsion (they 'swim' toward their goal), means that it is not necessary for actual intercourse (penetration of the vagina by the penis) to occur for a pregnancy to result. Merely having the erect member (the end at least) in contact with the area of the vagina CAN (not 'will', but can) cause sufficient sperm cells to enter the vagina to fertilize an egg, and thus cause pregnancy.

I hope this answers your question, and it helps in some small way. Good luck.

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