Is There Any Tablets To Get Pregnant Fast?


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There are tablets to help achieve most goals in human biology, and getting pregnant is no exception, so the simple answer is yes there are. They break down into at least two major categories, fertility drugs, to help couples who are having difficulty conceiving at all naturally, and vitamin aids, for couples who simply want to improve the chances (and therefore increase the speed) of conception.

Fertility drugs, such as clomiphene, gonadotrophins and bromocriptine, have varying success rates, but are usually fairly costly, and will often need to be prescribed by a doctor. In turn, doctors are unlikely to prescribe these treatments until couples have been trying to conceive naturally for at least a year without success. They will usually be a middle step between all-natural conception, and medically-assisted conception measures, including in-vitro fertilisation.

Using vitamins to help speed up conception has long been an old-wives tale, but in 2006, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health published the results of trials which followed 18,000 women over a period of eight years, some who had taken multivitamins as apart of their attempts to conceive, and others who had not. The trials revealed women who took a multivitamin at least six days a week had a 40% lower likelihood of suffering ovulatory problems which can lead to infertility, or slow the process of conception down. As well as ‘ordinary’ multivitamins, there are now special ‘blends’ of vitamins available, which claim to be best suited to regulating ovulation, and thus increasing the chances of conception. As with most scientific medications, a ‘natural remedy’ version also exists, though as yet proof of its effectiveness remains anecdotal.
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This is an ovulation calculator. Start having sex a few days before and during the day you should be ovulating, that will help your chances at getting pregnant. Don't use lube either, it can kill up to half of the sperm (saliva is better). Hope this helps.

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If you have been struggling to fall pregnant, there are some useful tips that may help to increase your chances of conceiving and prevent miscarriages. I suggest you Ovulation Calendar to get better results about pregnancy fast.Follow a healthy, balanced diet by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as foods that are rich in iron, calcium and folate, essential for reproductive health
Maintain a healthy weight as being overweight or underweight can affect the body’s hormone levels which in turn makes conception difficult
Healthy weight loss can increase chances of getting pregnant; however, too much weight loss can affect a healthy pregnancy
Regular exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling will help keep you fit and active before and during your pregnancy. It will also help get you back into shape after the pregnancy
Avoid drinking alcohol and caffeine as this can make you less fertil

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No such tablets, sorry. Try charting at Track Pregnancy You only have a 25% chance of conception per month. You can't get pregnant "fast", altho some women conceive on their first try. Get yourself a basal thermometer, some OPKs, and learn to check your cervical mucus. You can do all this at the site I gave you.

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Have sex in the middle day of your period cycle (the 14th day) and try a different position when having sex, and try eat more healthily that can help!

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