What are the different physical fitness test and its mechanics, equipment, facility requirement and scoring?


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Fitness tests are comprised of strength tests, speed and power tests, and endurance tests, flexibility tests each of which has a wide variety of mechanics and facility requirements.

• Strength tests are conducted prior to weight training programs as well as during the training program itself. Free weights and resistance machines are typically used for strength tests in gyms. Strength assessment is determined by the one repetition maximum and usually consists of leg presses, back squats, and bench presses.
• Speed and power tests are conducted before the program starts and followed in 6-8 week intervals. These are conducted in fields or gymnasiums that offer a lot of space for athletes to run and test their speed. Samples of speed and power tests include the 40 yard sprint, 30m sprint fatigue, standing long jump, agility tests, standing vertical jump, and the hexagon drill.
• Endurance tests are also done prior to the training and in 6-8 week intervals. A stop watch and a standard 400m race track is required to conduct these tests. Samples include the Balke 15 minute run, Cooper 12 minute run, multi-stage shuttle run, and the Rockport test.
• Flexibility tests are done before stretching programs and 6-8 weeks after flexibility training. Warm ups are especially important prior to flexibility tests as well as with 10 minutes of skipping or light jogging. The modified sit and reach test is the most common type of flexibility test and requires the use of a 30cm high box and a meter rule. Other types of flexibility tests include the trunk rotation test, groin flexibility test, and goniometer training.

These fitness tests are important in determining the status of an athlete's body before they go into a rigorous training program. They also represent the demands of the athlete's sport and are therefore accurate representations of how health an athlete is for their specific sport.

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