What Is Physical Fitness?


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According to one doctor, adequate fitness allows a person to carry out his daily activities without interference of fatigue. Also, a fit person has enough physical reserve to meet unexpected emergencies safely, and possesses sufficient energy to enjoy leisure time.
So it might be said that one who is physically fit is able to tolerate stress. The stress may be from a hard day at the office or from doing housework, from a near-accident, a run to catch a bus, and so forth. These things place extra demands on the body; more oxygen must be delivered to the muscles, and extra waste products carried away. This requires increased output of the heart and faster circulation.
If one is not fit, then physical functions do not respond adequately. This can be dangerous. Often one hears about individuals who collapse in a situation of stress. For example, each winter many persons topple over when shovelling snow from their walks. Their hearts and circulatory systems are not sufficiently fit to supply the increased volume of blood, and so fail.
Surely physical fitness is desirable. Not only can it make one a safer person—able to cope with stressful situations without dangerous effects—but it can improve personal effectiveness in every field. A fit person feels better, looks better, has greater energy, and therefore enjoys life more.

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