What Are The Seven Physical Fitness Test?


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There are actually hundreds of physical fitness tests so it's unknown what the seven are. It is probable that the seven basic fitness tests are:

  • Shuttle run - Sprinting (Bleep Test)
  • Long distance run - 1 mile
  • Push ups - At least 10
  • Sit ups (or abdominal crunches) - At least 10
  • Squats - At least 10
  • Pull Ups - At least 10

This is not a definitive answer to your question but is the most likely answer.
Some physical fitness tests are a lot more popular than others. The top 10 most popular physical fitness tests are:

  • The shuttle run bleep test - Running end to end of the track meeting the time of the bleeps
  • Sit and reach - Sitting down and stretching out your arms and legs as far as possible
  • Pull ups - Pulling yourself up using only your arms a number of times
  • Handgrip strength - Holding a dynamometer at a right angle and squeezing it as hard as you can and for as long as possible
  • Vertical jump - Jumping directly upwards as high as possible and for as many times as possible
  • Push ups - On your feet and hands pushing yourself up using only your arms
  • Short distance sprint - Run as fast as possible for a short distance
  • Sit ups - Lying down with your knees bent towards you sitting up and then back down a number of times, keeping your feet on the floor
  • Bruce test - Running on the treadmill, increasing the incline of it every three minutes by 2% and the speed also increases
  • Illinois agility - Short, straight sprint; sprint back down in and out of four cones and then back down, then a straight sprint back up to the top and straight back down to the finish
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