Can You Shoot Up The Gel In Fentanyl Patches?


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No, you can't (and shouldn't try) injecting the gel found in Fentanyl patches.

If you're wondering why not, here's a couple of reasons that should hopefully convince you:

Why you shouldn't shoot up Fentanyl gel Before I get to the dangers of shooting up Fentanyl gel, let me just give you some quick background information on the drug and its uses:

  • Fentanyl is the active ingredient in patches manufactured under the name Tilofyl.
  • They are regularly used to treat people suffering severe pain which cannot be relieved by regular painkillers.
  • Fentanyl is a type of 'opioid', similar to morphine, and is prescribed to people suffering from cancer.
  • To achieve the full effect of the patch, it should be applied to the torso or upper arm skin and left for 72 hours without being replacing. Fentanyl is then absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin - and this gives relief to the patient.
Why you shouldn't shoot up Fentanyl gel Injecting gel straight into your bloodstream is a pretty bad idea by anyone's standards.

Gel-like substances usually contain glycerin or some other form of thickening agent. Having that in your blood stream could cause liver damage or death.

Also, the way these patches work is to gradually release the drug into your system through the skin. 'Banging' or 'shooting up' the substance is therefore likely to result in overdose.

Even drug forums visited by hardened drug-users have posts warning about the dangers of shooting Fentanyl gel.

If even  a hardened junkie is warning against shooting up Fentanyl, there's a good chance it's not a good idea!
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You should never shoot anything that isn't supposed to be injected, but I heard if you use vinager or lemon juice for the gel it will break down enough to draw up.

Please be careful because I also know of friends that died from that!!
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You should seek help for drug abuse problems, because it sounds like you have a problem.

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