Can You Shoot Up A 'Roxy'?


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Although it's possible to "shoot up" a "roxy"(Roxicodone), doing so is not advised. ("Shooting up" means to inject a drug intravenously.)

The drug is not designed to be administered in this way, and this - along with the risks involved in injecting substances into your bloodstream - could make this practice unsafe.

Can you shoot up roxy (Roxicodone)?
  • Using needles to administer drugs intravenously can be very dangerous, and is not advised.
  • Roxicodone is manufactured in tablet form, and is therefore not designed to be injected into a person's bloodstream.
  • The medication is also available in liquid form, but this formula is designed for oral use only.
  • It is extremely dangerous to mess with substances in ways in which they were not designed to be used.
Roxicodone is a branded, quick-release drug made from Oxycodone, which is a semi-synthetic opiate that was manufactured to improve on the effects of its sister opioids: Morphine and codeine.

Usually Roxicodone (or other Oxycodone-based medications) are prescribed to patients to ease moderate to severe pain.
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Yes, you can. It's not hard. You don't even need to cook it if you don't want. Just put it in a spoon with water, crush it, stir it, drop some cotton in it, fill the rig, find a vein and inject.
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Yes you can.  Just be careful with using needles.  They're extremely hard to kick.  Believe me!

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No, you cannot shoot up a roxy.

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