Can You Shoot Up Lortab?


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You should not attempt to "shoot up" (inject) Lortab tablets. This would be extremely dangerous, and could cause you serious health complications and - in the worse case scenario - death.

How to shoot up Lortab?
Injecting Lortab tablets intravenously is dangerous because:

  • You run the risk of an overdose. You have no idea what the exact chemical balance of the tablet is, and therefore you could easily inject yourself with a fatal dose of hydrocodone, (the opiate within Lortab).
  • Prescription medications that are sold in tablet form contain what are known as "fillers". These are inactive ingredients, that are mixed with the hydrocodone in Lortab.
  • When Lortab is taken orally, these fillers are simply expelled by your body as waste. However, if you inject or snort Lortab, then the fillers are administered into the bloodstream or lungs - and could cause blockages and other serious medical complications.
  • Usually Lortab is prescribed to patients who are suffering from mild to severe pain.
It is extremely dangerous to inject Lortab into your system. This is not at all advisable.

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