The period in which actions taken to repair damages, alleviate disruption from a disaster, and facilitate the return to normal is called?


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This stage of dealing with a struck disaster is often referred to as the recovery stage. The overall process of dealing with disasters, whether they're man made or natural, is referred to as emergency management. The term describes the field of strategic organizational management processes. This generally deals with four main areas:
-Living things.
-Non-living things.

The associated hazards for disaster are then broken into relative categories:
-Man made

The process of strategic management is then divided into four different fields which help to identify the appropriate processes and/or precautions that need to take place. These are defined as:

Mitigation is the term given to the processes undertaken that aim to prevent disasters from occurring altogether. This process becomes part of the recovery process if the implemented procedures occur after a previous disaster. Generally, the implemented measures for avoiding disasters can be defined as structural or non-structural. Structural measures refer to physical implementations in order to prevent disasters, such as flood levees. Non-structural procedures refer to implementations that aren't a physical entity, such as insurance that covers damages caused by natural disasters, etc.

Preparedness refers to the ongoing process of gaining resources, training people, making action plans and other such tasks involved with the preparation for such disasters. It often categorizes these preparation tasks for the prevention, response to and recovery from possible disasters. It often involves research into past events and bases its own tactics on resources and/or trained professionals in appropriate areas on the data.

Response is the term given to the period after the disaster takes place where emergency services and initial responses are sent to the disaster area in order to minimize casualties and further damage to the area. The response to the disaster is usually completed with accordance to the previous preparedness stage and allows effective execution of minimizing damage, search and rescue services and maintenance of the situation.

The recovery phase is concerned with restoring the affected area to its original state as much as possible. It's different to the response stage, as it doesn't involve the immediate efforts to save lives and minimize damage. It is the process of repairing damages, reemployment, etc. It is common to improve on the previous state of the area after a disaster has struck as it gives the opportunity to rebuild differently. It also allows the build of new structures with mitigate implementations.

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