What would you do if you found your 16 year-old daughter selling pot?


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Shed never see the sun again until she left home if I didnt trun her in to authorities to also catch her supplier as this wont quit as she likes the money and attention shes getting here so I would talk to a local Police Officer
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You proved that your a law binding citizen , but turning her in and charging with selling cocaine she can end up in jail for at least 10 years , your action can cause regret in the future , what do you think , just asking
Arthur Wright
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I answer as both an ex Federal Officer and Father and Grandfather, and would have to go with tough love here but there are ways Police Officers can handle this without involving the courts but help her get out
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I believe that us as humanity have the right to free-will. In other words, if they do something negative, let them learn from their own mistakes. Teenagers have natural angst and always feel the need to rebel. Pumping up rules may just make it worse, and could get her into harder drugs. Teenagers typically get into hard drugs for the fact that it leaves their system quickly. The only logical thing to do is negotiate. Let her know how you're feeling. If it dissapoints you, tell her. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't trust her. If a teenager sees that you're upset, typically it hits them harder rather than you lashing out anger. Hostility only causes a larger war, and she'd probably keep doing what she is doing anyway.
Guide her into the right direction. Keep her safe. If you see that it's controlling her, that's when you intervene. But if she is mature enough to handle it on her own, let her be. Watch out for her. She's a teen, and you cannot walk her own footsteps for her. If she messes things up, let her learn on her own. You don't learn from people telling you. You learn from your own wrong-doing.
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A day at any drug rehabilitation centre that can facilitate for your young one to spend a day, 1/2 day there and get educated on what to expect if she or he goes down this track. 
Get help as this could be a huge problem for your family and her later in life.

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