Is it safe to still take prenatal vitamins after a hysterectomy if you still have both ovaries?


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As with any health query or question, it is best to consult your health practitioner in order to get the best advice, as they can take your individual circumstance into account. Please note that Blurtit and its affiliated companies are not medical authorities.

It is only recommended that pregnant women take prenatal vitamins. Some doctors may recommend that women continue to take prenatal vitamins for a short while after the birth of their baby - as I said earlier, it depends upon your particular circumstance. As a general rule, however, it is not recommended for anyone who is not pregnant to take prenatal vitamins. It is much more suitable to take a supplement or a multi-vitamin, as the levels of calcium, folic acid, iron and other substances are much safer.

Prenatal vitamins contain a high degree of iron, which means they may not be suitable for use after a hysterectomy - it depends upon your individual and unique health circumstance. Many pregnant women find that nasty side effects occur as a result of taking prenatal vitamins because of the high iron content.

Prenatal vitamins also contain very high calcium and folic acid contents, which are only necessary for pregnant women - in adults who are not pregnant, high supplements of calcium and folic acid can mask health problems and therefore delay their diagnosis and treatment.

After a hysterectomy, whatever your age, emphasis will be on recovery and allowing your body to adjust to functioning without certain parts. Usually, parts or the uterus or the entire uterus are removed, so many women still have both ovaries after a hysterectomy. However, as stated above, there are other ways to promote recovery and healing - these include maintaining a healthy diet, getting lots of rest, regular exercise and taking supplements and vitamins. You should consult your doctor if you have any health concerns following a hysterectomy.

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