Is It Bad To Take Prenatal Vitamins And Birth Control At The Same Time?


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Jan Davis answered
It should be fine to take prenatal vitamins and birth control.  Prenatal vitamins are given to pregnant women to promote good health during pregnancy but they are still vitamins and can safely be taken by anyone.  The only reason to possibly not take them would be if you are not anemic, as they contain a strong dose of iron.  Many pregnant women who are not anemic prior to pregnancy will become anemic while carrying a child.  If you are anemic, a prenatal vitamin will do you no harm at all and will help with the anemia.  They should be taken with meals, as iron can cause nausea especially on an emptyy stomach.  If you are concerned at all, do ck with your doctor, you don't want to have too much iron but if you have an iron deficiency, a prenatal vitamin is a great source to supply the daily iron your body requires as well as many other vitamins.  Eat healthy of course and keep a check on your hemoglobin, (iron level) and certainly take them if you need them

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