What Does Weed Do To The Human Body?


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Well my dad used to smoke a lot of weed before. According to some of the things I heard; it kills your brain cells. And blackens your lungs, which is damaging it. It also affects the heart, and can sometimes give you cancer. It affects the human reproductive system as well; which causes premature babies, babies with low birth weight, and temporary loss of the babies. Now that's some things it might do; but you can search up a lot of information in google. Very helpful.
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Very much a school house answer, it is only about 1/2 true. I had hoped the movies they show today are more updated to be realistic. I bet they even showed you the one where your Pot dealer also wants you to buy a heroin pack and needles.
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Like all chemicals it is different things on different people. My wife it mellows her out, me it puts me to sleep (which is why I don't use it). But if you're talking about ragweed then it gives most people hay fever.

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